The increasing competition environment, decline of profit margins are forcing us to seek faster and  better production quality. The situation we are in now have made   completing the final form of the products we produce without a problem, at the first time and   at once inevitable.

Based on this statement, the subject that   we observed with our staff which has long years of experience and knowledge  is the necessity of converting the assembling and mounting stage into automation in   which significant leeway occurs, for cutting at door & window production, fast   production after welding and corner cleaning operation.

Our purpose is fulfill your expectations by providing  door & window production   facility to you with an high quality, fast and smooth automation system which   does  not require experienced  staff  and in which everyone can work without using meter and  pencil after a short training.

Thinking that “customer satisfaction”  is the  best  advertisement and reference, our company will get even  more powerful with your valuable opinions. We are living the excitement of presenting the  purchasable products which our  valuable   customers like you can use and get efficiency in every sense with the current   product logic of  “High quality and affordable” as we  do our   studies.